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Topic: Hotlink 365
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Level 0
Posted: 03 Dec, 2012 :  4:16:17 PM
my mobile: 012 6303607

i have 365 plan but now i am unable to make more calls so every week i keep topping up RM10 so i can continue to make calls.

if i make another 365 plan the message prompt me saying that i am already subcribe to 365.

i have called every week to your customer service department but my problem is not solve.
keeps asking me to continue to top up and try again or wait until next week and wait and wait.
who is going to refund me RM10 every week?

today i called again to your customer service and given me a case number: C12247795. the last time i called case number was given to me but feed back from you technical team takes 2.5weeks! so unreasonable!

i hope to post here someone could actually know what really happen to my hotlink card now?!

please help me.

Level 0
Posted: 10 Dec, 2012 :  9:39:35 PM
y does it takes so long to reply???!!!
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